Monday, June 1, 2009


Modern Olympics is a product of nationalism. It is a contest among countries and a competition among nations. It does not merely exist because of politics but it will as well change according to political situations.

In fact, Olympics has never been departed from politics. Speaking in a broader sense, sports and politics are inseparable and always come together.

However, politicians always lie, saying that: “politics is politics; sports is sports”; “sports has nothing to do with politics, and politics must not interfere in sports.”

This is a self-deception. Those who believe it would be either idiots or too na・e.
"Yes, it is a coincidence. Indeed, it is too coincident."

From the Turmoil in Tibet in which pro-Tibet protesters disrupted the Olympics torch relay, to terrorist attacks in Xinjiang, politics has never been separated from Olympics.

Even our badminton hero Lee Chong Wei is unable to escape from politics after winning Malaysia the historical Olympic silver medal.

It is understandable that Chong Wei returns to his home town in Bukit Mertajam. But it is controversial that he is likely to show up in the upcoming Permatang Pauh by-election.

Could it be a coincidence? Yes, it is a coincidence. Indeed, it is too coincident.

One year ago, the time when Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Keat won the All England Open Badminton Championships gold medal, it was also “coincidently” the time for the Ijok by-election. Through a “timely” arrangement, they turned up in Ijok to share their joy with the voters.

Eventually, BN won the by-election but Tan's and Koo's performance began to drop.

It seems like politics did not help them to achieve higher performance. Instead, it was like a curse that brought them to a whirlpool and they have become political tools that drew criticism.

Poor Tan and Koo to be involved in politics and now, Chong Wei as well has no command over himself.

We just hope that Chong Wei will be able to escape from the political curse. Regardless how heavy the rain is going to be, he can still perform well and achieve greater glories!

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