Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Let's share your swimming experience with us.. may be you have something interesting to share. when i was a boy.. i'm "kampung boy" my friend and i jump and swim almost every day in the river.. in the long journey so many thing happened to me. finally i'm one of swimming coach... How about you??

let shere especialy student (HSL 116 and HSL 226)


Extreme Power said...

I butterfly expert ni... 20 tahun dulu la... lol...

iqbal said...

just visiting abg nas idea lagi what to time i will share my experience....thank u..

muhammad iqbal bin roselan

HSL 216

Meor Mohamed Mustaqim said...

eylo...wanna share wit all of u bout my exp in swimming...
well, i once hate swimming a lot since i got drowned in da pool when i was 13 y.o...i promised myself not 2 go for swimming anymore, but since my college make it a compulsory 4 all student 2 av a basic in swimming, i forced myself 2 go...
emwm,i will cont. my so call 'History' how i like 2 swim later... till den,Daaa!!!

Meor mohamed mustaqim bin mohamed khairi
HSL 226

daryl_head said...

im here.. back in my hometown in sarawak, everytime when my family and i wanted to go back to my mother's kampung, we need to cross the deep and dirty river to get there.. the river scared me off because i knew something is creepy down there.. in fact there is a strong reason to be afraid of, my dad told me "beware of the water because there is a crocodile underneath it"...

Daryl Rorote
HSL 116

daryl_head said...
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faiz_esya said...

hye there
i have a story to tell about my experience in water... it happen when i was 5 years old... that happen when i was in langkawi following my late father coz he has a convention at there.... it happen when my father took my brother n my sister go to the swimming pool... i also follow them go the swimming pool.. first i do not want to swim... i just only sitting at the chair watching my brother and sister swimming... the suddenly i go to the side of the pool coz i feel weird to see my own shadow in the pool... then i fall into the pool.....
to be continue

HSL 116

idzuan_amiruddin said...

hyye..talking about swimming it is such funny thing to be remembered..lots years ago when i used to be a small boy, i very happy when heard about family holiday to waterfall, beach or waterpark.. one day, at a swimming pool, i'm very excited as i jumped into the water until my short was torn, I'm really ashamed and slowly walked to get it back while covering my body. Start from that day, I realize that suitable swimming suit really important to us..

Mohd Amirul Idzuan b. Amiruddin
HSL 116

fir hamzah said...

when i was a child, i always looked at the sea and i said gosh there will be lot of jaws will be coming for us!!!
until now the thing is shadowed me..

fir hamzah said...

mohd firdaus b hamzah
HSL 226
LW 213

akem said...

actually i already learn swimming at b'coz most of my friend can swim and they learn at uia that time i paid rm60 for a month..4x a month...but a learn basic swim b'coz i transfered to another i want to continue now b'coz it free..huhu

Muhammad Akmalhakim bin Jamalludin



Swimming one of the best exercise in the world. what benefit you will get from swimming.. physiological benefit, psychological benefit and sociological benefit??


attach with
matrix no:
hsl 116/226

megat naqib said...

When I was 7, my cousin and I went to swim at Bangi. I was so excited on that day until I drowned myself. The pool was quite deep until i do not know how to swim. Luckily, my father do to save me. But now, I am able to prevent the 'phobia' on pool.

Ahmad zaki bin azham
HSL 116

naz said... takut air dalam, phobia kot...walaupun dh leh swim skit2 tapi x brani nk gi tgh tempat dlm ha2 xpela, sy angap swimmin like my runnin alternative hu2

mohda nazrul agos
hsl 226

narroi said...

em.. waktu kecik mmng giler ar memancing tpi berenang x pandai.. memancing pulak kt sungai kuantan.. klau jatuh kompem arwah. wktu umu 7 tahun kot. tgh mancing tiba mai la kwn2 baek dtng tgk2. n diorng ajak mandi pe lg ikut ar.. mandi sungai punye ar besar kwn2 mmng dh pandai kite hancus..hahaha mual2 mandi kt tebing dulu last x sedar masuk kt teman dlm.. lemas da.. try ar timbul kan diri lps tu hulur tangan kt member die wat dok no je.hampeh toi member.last etngelam x timboi2.hahaha nasib ade member sorng ni mandi x pakai pe2 menyelam tarik kite naek atas. dh berape juk air dh tertelan. lps tu x berani ar. sampai la de abng tlng ajar kan. skunk pandai skit2 kot. setakat diri sendiri leh ar.. klau awek lemas x lps kot nk tlng..hahahha.

muhammad musaddiq bin samsudin
HSL116 kot...

Nik Muiz said...

i shouldn't be alive, it is the only phrase that i could spat on every face that kept asking me of how the unforgettable incident or should i say one of the darkest episode in the story of my life happened nearly 14 years ago. it was so sudden as i could not clearly remember of how it actually took place. but here is some that i could tell to all of you after series of flashbacks.. it was raining for nearly weeks until one fateful day when the water started to enter into our house. i could still remember during that moment that i thought doomsday is actually happening! (im 6 years old during that time, still not mumayyiz, so calm down guys) i was so scared as only god knows how much prayers i have recited with a hope that the water will stop from keep entering into our house (baca bismillah je.. hihi..) suddenly, i saw my kasut raya (its Ramadhan) that i've bought several days before was taken away by the flood water as fast as it could because the flood water envied me for my cool and futuristic shoe (ada lampu kt tapak). as fast as lightning and without any hesitation i jumped out the window and chased my raya shoe with a will to take it back from the evil flood water. with off the scale level of determination, i started to get through the fast moving water and suddenly i realized that i actually in any way do not know how to swim! i started to panic and began to drowned myself.i was flushed away far from my house and lose my consciousness. three days later, a woke up one evening with a hope that i already in the heaven with hundreds of 'bidadari'. unfortunately, i was on a bed in a hospital surrounded not by 'bidadari' but ugly reporters and beloved family members. how i managed to get to the hospital? my mother told me that i was saved by a young man who saw me drowning in the water. until this very moment, i never have a chance to met him because my mom said after he sent me to the hospital, he left and never come back...... hopefully, one day, i will meet him so that, i could thank him for his heroic action of saving my life...(thanks bro!) wish me luck guys.. and my raya shoe? ermm.. lost in action....taken away by the evil flood....

Nik Muizzuddin Bin Nik Muhammad
LW 213
HSL 116

Alwan said...

em, sye pun di kalangan org2 yg x pndai swimming. sampai skang nak terapung pun xleh lagi.. sblum ni pun klu gi sungai ke , laut ke mmg xgi kat tmpat dlm pun.. rse cam sronok je tgk org brenang mcm2 gaye..
tu yg buat sye rase nak blajar brenang ni. nnt leh ar brenang ngan awek,huhu..

Mohd Alwan bin Baharudin
HSL 226


sy dlu memang xpndy berenang...
dlu ad ms skali tuh, kami skluarga g resort kt kuantn..kbtlan ad pool..
so my siblings g a pool kononnye nk berenanf g a..
skali ak nih jnis yg ske eksyen, berenang pon terkapai2..
ntah skill ap yg ak pky pon ak tataw..
janji smpy kt sberang..

muhammad faisal bin abdul rahim
hsl 226

nazri othman said...

assalammualaikum...actually sy tkt swim kat tmpt thn 2004,my family g pangkor,sy pn dgn teruja nya tgk pantainya yg jernih tu trs r g mandi kat pantai..tak perasan la pulak dah smpi kat tmpt dlm,pe lg,terkapai-kapai r kat situ..nasib baik abg ipar dtg ni bkn nya reti ambil swimming as a KO is one of the benefit for me to learn swim..thank u...

mohd nazri bin othman

nadia alias said...

im a city girl. never know the feelings of staying in kampung or berenang di sungai or longkang. im tired of people yelling, arguing about stupid things, obsess with their own life..

swimming is my escapism from all shits out there. everytime i swim, i feel calm, i feel free. swimming is the only decent time i have to think about what i really want in life.

i hope abang naz can teach me the right technique to swim..coz seriously, u are a great instructor =)

have a nice day abang naz! =)

Daryl said...


that is the reason that make me freaking out when it come to water.. i always imagine myself surrounded by crcodiles.. hehe.. after few years, i realized that swimming is one of the best sport in the world.. it keeps people fit.. great body n stamina.. so i put aside my fearness n build my sheer determination to learn swimming.. i've started to learn swimming when i was in primary 6.. n since then i like to go to te swimming pool or river.. n now im learning under abg nas n hope abg nas can help me to improve myself... thanx for everything abg nas(",)

Daryl Rorote
HSL 116

sidd said...

I remember when i was small, i used to follow my brother to his swimming class. but when we moved to another state, we stop attending swimming classes and now at the university, i pick up swimming for my co subject since i have forgotten what i learned long time before.

siddique hakeem bin khairudin

mohamed said...

My first class of swimming
What if you can’t do something that everyone else can do it?
That is what I have experienced my first class of swimming- not being able to do what others are doing.
My first class of swimming was on Tuesday sometime in July 2009; our coach gave us some briefing about swimming before we got in to the pool, and I got myself all psyched up with positive mental attitude and tell myself I can do it. But I don’t. After a few moments in the swimming pool I fizzle.
The first thing that we do was gliding; it is like act of flying inside the water. Everybody else seemed to do it easily, but me I have drowned I drunk a lot of water, it seemed that I can’t do it at all, and then I ask myself what is wrong with you? Why everybody else seemed to be able to do and you can’t do it, I nearly cried, and then the couch approached me and said “may be you don’t have the confidence, you are feeling fear about the water” he was such a nice coach. He was right about that because when I was young I use to go to the sea and then watch the waves and sometime I stand inside the water and not doing anything.
And when the class finished at that night, I came back to my room and I was very sad, and then I called my best friend who always encourage me and inspire me to do things I scare most (swimming was one of them) I shared my experience to him what happened my first class, and he was so empathetic, he motivated me, and suggested me to never give up, never surrender. He quoted me “courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear” he said “it is ok to feel scared, but it is not ok that fear is prevent you from doing what you want practice makes perfect, you have to practice it until you overcome your fear” at that moment I felt overwhelmed and motivated and then I decided to persist.
I went the swimming pool the other day on my own. I said to myself there is nothing to fear; because there a lot of people who was out here to rescue you when you drown, and then I got in to the water, and I practiced a lot until I overcome my fear and improved.
By: Mohamed Abdulkadir osman Metric: 2008269666

faiz said...

i took a swimming class in uitm under abg nas and i want to share my swimming experience..
our class starts at 8pm so its very cold in the pool. i still remember in my first class i was shivering and vibrating..
abg nas gave a tip to eat choclate bar b4 swimming class coz it will keep your body warm. i find that tip is very useful.tq.
i hope to do well in this class and to be able to swim by the end of the semester.that's all from me.tata..

ahmad faiz fitri bin mohamad
LW213 HSL116

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nih pngalaman pergi berenang di tempat awam laa..
kalau pelajar2 uitm s.alam ni knal kot pusat akuatik kat sebelah tesco tuh..
1 hari di awal sem3 (julai-november 2009)...ex-roomate ak mngajak ku pergi berenang di sana...
konon2nye dlu,die suh ak aja dy berenang...maklum la,budak koko renang kte kn...
disbbkn ptg tuh ak free,ak pon pegi la ngn die..smpai di sne kmi kna tggu sbntar untuk mnuggu giliran untuk sesi seterunya..
tunggu pnya tggu,smpai la ms yg d nantikan...kononnye dlm hati nih da excited sgt...sbb leh swimming ngn awek2...haha (nakal sunggoh...)
smpy dtpi pool,kmi xmlengahkn masa lg,siap tukar pkaian n warm up skadarnye,ape lagi...
DEBUSHHHH...terjun a...
skali da smpy dasar tuh...wooo..
nih la klau mandi kt pool yg outdoor...dgn daun2 dari pokok yg bdekatannye...
pastu plak,ngn lumut2 nye....
ouuuu...(dalam hati,mmg da mngumpat mngata da...) bek g mand kt kampus..lg besh..da la murah..
50sen jek...
pastuh,bile kelibat awek2 datang untuk mandi turut kelihatan,ak pon lpe jap pasal lumut2 tuh...kuikui..
pape pon,mandi kat pool dalam lg la beshh....biapon xde awek2 yg turut mandi bersama...

HSL 226

khairulhijan said...

i learn how to swim when i was 12 years brother teach me how to swim.he teach me at uitm's swimming pool,the cheapest rate only for 50 cent per entry.i felt very cold when i jump into the my teacher is en. nasri.he is more 'power' and very expert in swimming compare to my brother.i learn alot of swimming from him.he is an excelent swimmer and a good teacher.

ahmad khairulhijan b mohamed @ harun
hsl 116

Shariedan Azfahan bin Ismail said...

i've cheated death long time ago..i'd still remember back then when i was 8, me n my family went to Latar iskandar which is on the way down from cameron highland..the story start when everybody get down in the water n im kinda boy who likes to brag bcoz my dad told everyone tht im a pretty good swimmer at my age i swam far far away from everyone n all of a sudden the current from the nearby waterfall pull me in and i was frantically panicked and tried to swim as hard as i could but the current was so strong tht i cant even move out of the waterfall which i cant even feel the bottom part of it bcoz it was so freakin deep..only god knows how do i felt at that time..(cuak gle weh!!!) Luckily, there was one dude who came to save me as he was just at the bank of the river...phewww!!!if i hv the chance get to know him, i would do anything for him hehehe..thx mann whoever u r..So the lesson to be learnt, never brag of wut we own bcoz bragness of us might turn into a horrible nightmare tht'll haunted u forever hahaha..end of story.

Shariedan Azfahan bin Ismail

arian said...

My experience in swimming was when i was 12 years old. My dad push me into the deepest part of the pool and told me that i have to learn how to swim.The experience that i went through made me hate the water even more as swimming was never my interest.However, now i am thankful that he did that because i realise that it has help me in my daily life. he taught me that i have to solve problem from the hardest part. "When you want to swallow a bowl of frogs you should start with the biggest one".

Arian Haddadian
HSL 116

adeeb.barakbah89 said...

My experience with swimming when i was young is actually cloudy.Most of it was my grandfather forcing me to swim and float on the swimming pool.He bought us the 'pelampung' for our hands and made us swim around the pool.Other than that there were experiences of almost drowning such as being drowned by relatives in Kelantan or being toppled from my floating device by my sister.But overall,swimming was never something i feared in the first place and it is beneficial to my health and lastly, i do recommend anyone who is interested but fearful of the water to step out of their box and try it out.Thats all for now.Bye

adeeb.barakbah89 said...

ohh.almost forgot.FOR THE COMMENT ON 6TH FEBRUARY 2010

Syed Muhammad Adeeb Barakbah

afiq said...

This happen during i'm was a happen when, my family and all of our relative went to picnic at the river..and i'm drowning at start when, one of my cousin, just jump into the river, without notice that place was deep..then, she drowning, n i tried to save her..but she pull me toward her..n..both of us drowning..then i shout for help..but they just ignore it..they thought that i was 'main2'..luckily,at last my brother save me n my cousin..